Featured Flowers

These are the unique deisgn and most popluar requested flowers. Each carefully and thoughtfully handcrafted, as each has its own personality and style.


Many people have often asked about the differences between paper flowers and paper roses. The differences are they way they are constructed and their appearance. To construct a rose, it is built from the bud. Then end result of a paper rose is much more three-dimensional, realistic and fully bloomed than a paper flower. It will be a very whimsical add-ons to your decoration!




The multiple layers were delicately put together with each layer handcrafted and shaped differently to showcase its stunning curves and fullness. This creates the romantic Charlotte.


A twist with the classic Charlotte, this beauty has additional Parisian inspired gold trim. All free-hand painted and refined, elegance at an entire different level.


Dressing Charlotte in soft white linen and more refined gold trim as well as adding curves and fullness to each layer.


This chic and high fashion rose is effortlessly beautiful. The clean curves and waves allow light to bring out different vivid shades in a colour. She is clean and simple yet tastefully feminine.




Garden Rosa Rugusa

This garden rose is the definition of unusal effectiveness and simplicity. Don’t underestimate her minimalistic style. She can gracefully stand alone as well as perfectly harmonize with other styles of flowers, making her the most versatile team player.


A variation of the Garden Rosa Rugusa with a different center, adding a little spice and drama in this minimalist.