Small Paper Rose Tutorial


The highly anticipated tutorial is here!

So many people have asked about the differences between a paper flower and a paper rose. The differences are the way to construct and the appearance. To construct a rose, you will build the rose from the bud. The end result of a rose is much more three-dimensional, realistic, and fully bloomed than a paper flower which is built from the outer layer.

So a gigantic paper rose will look much more realistic on a stem because of the 3D effect.  It will be a very whimsical add-on to your decoration!

That being said, if you wanted to make a flower wall with gigantic paper flowers, using giant roses may not be the best approach. A wall is somewhat more two dimensional and less three dimensional, so you would like the flowers to have less height and more width. When roses are lined up  in rows and columns, the 3D effect is covered and gone to waste.  Also, the height of a giant rose which I have made can be as big as 12-15″ . That is a lot of space taken up in a room/venue. However, a mix of paper flowers and paper roses on a wall decoration is always beautiful.

This tutorial will show you how to make a small rose that is about 5-6 inches in diameter.

All you will need is

  • 2  card stock paper  in size 12″x 12″
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks



Small Rose Tutorial columnSmall Rose Tutorial column2Small Rose Tutorial column 4Small Rose Tutorial column3


Please feel free to share this tutorial with your friends! What’s better than a craft night with some wine and girl friends! Also, share what you made with me!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me. I will try my best to figure it out with you!

For a more complete detail tutorial (included 57 photos with illustrations, see why I can’t post all on the blog!) and templates, pro-tips and tricks, please visit my Etsy shop!

Have a creative week! Happy crafting!


Paper Lantern Tutorial 

I started Sophie. B Décor about a year ago after Sophie’s third birthday. I can’t believe a year has flew by in a blink of an eye! It’s been a wonderful year filled with fun adventures and interesting challenges, late night crafting and endless petals cutting. Within a year, Sophie. B is shipping across North America, from Ontario to Texas, from New York to California! Thank you everyone for your love and tremendous support!

So, Sophie wanted a Rapunzle princess party for her birthday this year. Ever since Tangled was on Netflix, she has abandoned Elsa and oh-so-in love with Rapunzle. I contemplated for the longest time – should I feed this princess obsession or not.  Of course, I gave in at the end. I couldn’t bare the thought that she may dislike or enjoy any less the party which I put so much time and effort in. She can be a princess for one day on her birthday. 

To those who have daughter(s), you are probably very familiar with the Disney movie Tangled which is about Rapunzle. I actually enjoyed the anime very much as it’s very imaginative and beautifully illustrated. In the movie, the scene where Rapunzle and Flynn watched thousands of sky lanterns flying across the sky was the most magical. So, I decided to decorate our space with lanterns.  

I love crafting with Sophie because she loves crafting as much as I do. She is my craft buddy! This lantern is so easy and super fun to make with a 3-4 years old. Through this lantern making, you can teach them on colours mixing too! 

 The only step you should prepare ahead of time (if you’re making this with a child) is the Popsicle stick squares and maybe crayon shavings (because we all know how little patience these little humans have)! 

Anyhow, here’s the tutorial! Happy crafting! 

Weathered & Crackle Tutorial



My cutest little helper!

It is so true that every child has different talent and interest. No child is the same. My boy would never sit still to paint and draw while holding a pencil correctly is a chore to him. My little girl, on the other hand, would drop anything to draw, paint and cut with a pair of scissors. Maybe that’s why no matter how dramatic her temperament is, I always have a soft spot for her.

Anyway, this project is so much fun and super easy, even a three year old can be involved! What an awesome way to spend time and bond with your little one, as well as creating something brilliant to hang up the wall!



When apply the medium, avoid over brushing. Make sure the brush you’re using is soft (or use a foam brush). The more brush strokes, the less cracking. 

Also, apply deliberately, give it a nice thick layer! 

Lastly, apply the medium in a uniform direction!


Tips: Thicker the layer of top coat, the more cracking will show. 

Apply the top coat in the same direction as the medium was applied. 


It’s all done! Now it’s time to figure out what message or quote to put on the sign! 


Weathered & Crackle


Without a doubt, my favourite room in our house is Sophie’s room. My chance to decorate a girly room, why not!

 We found out the gender of our unborn child as soon as I was 18 weeks pregnant and got everything ready. If you know me or Ron, yes, we are OCD like that. We don’t like any surprises, thank you very much. A girl is wonderful. It brings a good balance into this house, levelling the yin and the yang.
FullSizeRender 2

To decorate Sophie’s nursery, I found a plain wooden laser cut frame at Micheals for my letter S. It looked a little ordinary, so I thought perhaps adding a little special effect will bring it alive! And it did! With the weathered and small-crackle effect, it gives a more soft and gentle colour, toning down the base colour.

Three years later, I still paused every time when I passed by the laser cut wood products section in Micheals. I just love every one of them and wanted to take them all home. So here’s my chance, I got a couple items for Sophie’s third birthday party. The fun part is to personalize it! I used the weathered effect again and it turned out brilliant. The large surface allows the crackle effect to showcase and bring out the vintage look.


Stay tune for the tutorial next!


Where it all begins II

I decorate my house about three times a year: spring, fall, and Christmas. I would do more if I have 48hours in a day, but who am I kidding. Being a mom is not as chillaxing as I thought it would be. This Spring, I decided decorate with some handcrafted paper flowers. It would be perfect timing for my little missy Sophie’s birthday too! I made a variety of them out of heavy card stock paper.

They turned out so beautiful and were exactly how I imagined. I’m totally in love! I think I’m not the only. Many people were in love with them too!

While I was doing my research online on “how to make paper wall flower”, I came across some companies, mostly on etsy, selling these flowers. To my surprise, they were quite expensive; with shipping we are looking at more than fifty dollar for one medium size flower. There are DIY templates which you can purchase.

But what if you don’t have time?

What if you’re not artsy?

So I decided to make them available to the locals with a fantastic option to rent the beautiful paper flower! This way, it’s much more affordable. As well, you’re not stuck with 20 giant paper flowers in your basement after your special day!

where it all begins…

The first blog post of my life.

Let’s start with where it all begins…

I have always loved drawing and painting but never really got into crafts until I became a mother of my two wonderful children. I began to do so much art and crafts with them and went all out decorating their birthday parties. To me, it wasn’t a lot of work because i enjoyed every second of it. Also, it came very natural to me like I have done it all my life! It was almost therapeutic, tranquilizing, and satisfying. And there, I found my hidden passion.

The first time I saw these beautiful flowers on a decorated wall was on a Vogue magazine. Elegant and whimsical. They totally stole my heart.  I wish I have seen them five years ago when I was planning my own wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore every pieces of my wedding, but these gorgeous flowers would be an excellent addition to my already perfect wedding. I almost wanted another wedding. Almost.