Paper Lantern Tutorial 

I started Sophie. B Décor about a year ago after Sophie’s third birthday. I can’t believe a year has flew by in a blink of an eye! It’s been a wonderful year filled with fun adventures and interesting challenges, late night crafting and endless petals cutting. Within a year, Sophie. B is shipping across North America, from Ontario to Texas, from New York to California! Thank you everyone for your love and tremendous support!

So, Sophie wanted a Rapunzle princess party for her birthday this year. Ever since Tangled was on Netflix, she has abandoned Elsa and oh-so-in love with Rapunzle. I contemplated for the longest time – should I feed this princess obsession or not.  Of course, I gave in at the end. I couldn’t bare the thought that she may dislike or enjoy any less the party which I put so much time and effort in. She can be a princess for one day on her birthday. 

To those who have daughter(s), you are probably very familiar with the Disney movie Tangled which is about Rapunzle. I actually enjoyed the anime very much as it’s very imaginative and beautifully illustrated. In the movie, the scene where Rapunzle and Flynn watched thousands of sky lanterns flying across the sky was the most magical. So, I decided to decorate our space with lanterns.  

I love crafting with Sophie because she loves crafting as much as I do. She is my craft buddy! This lantern is so easy and super fun to make with a 3-4 years old. Through this lantern making, you can teach them on colours mixing too! 

 The only step you should prepare ahead of time (if you’re making this with a child) is the Popsicle stick squares and maybe crayon shavings (because we all know how little patience these little humans have)! 

Anyhow, here’s the tutorial! Happy crafting! 


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