Weathered & Crackle Tutorial



My cutest little helper!

It is so true that every child has different talent and interest. No child is the same. My boy would never sit still to paint and draw while holding a pencil correctly is a chore to him. My little girl, on the other hand, would drop anything to draw, paint and cut with a pair of scissors. Maybe that’s why no matter how dramatic her temperament is, I always have a soft spot for her.

Anyway, this project is so much fun and super easy, even a three year old can be involved! What an awesome way to spend time and bond with your little one, as well as creating something brilliant to hang up the wall!



When apply the medium, avoid over brushing. Make sure the brush you’re using is soft (or use a foam brush). The more brush strokes, the less cracking. 

Also, apply deliberately, give it a nice thick layer! 

Lastly, apply the medium in a uniform direction!


Tips: Thicker the layer of top coat, the more cracking will show. 

Apply the top coat in the same direction as the medium was applied. 


It’s all done! Now it’s time to figure out what message or quote to put on the sign! 



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